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AGM MP001 Upgrade - Advice?

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Hi all, I recently bought a AGM MP001 (it was cheap and was said to be a good beginner rifle). These are my plans to upgrade the rifle (in this order) was wondering if any of you more experienced players had any advice on better parts, advice in general on the upgrades, or see a conflict(i.e a part that won't hold up). I want to be able to upgrade and not worry about replacing things or stuff breaking.

Quick note to those who don't own this rifle. I have done a lot of research and this rifle takes VSR-10 Trigger upgrades(sears, stopper, etc) but takes APS-2 Cylinder upgrades(cylinder, head, etc). It can't use V or Zero Trigger Systems sadly :(.

-Laylax PSS10 Barrel Spacers
I will be buying a longer tightbore and have read that extra spacers help lower vibration and increase consistency.

-MadBull Ver. 2 Precision Barrel 6.03 TB 499mm
I'll be ordering the AK version and drilling/sanding it to match to stock barrels slots for the hop-up unit. Using a silencer to hide the extra length. I went with the long barrel cause it should increase accuracy. Also read up a lot about air cushion and 6.03-6.04 is better for consistency and accuracy so that is why its not a 6.01.

-Firefly Hard Bucking
" ... "

-Laylax PSS2 Teflon Cylinder
Durability and easier bolt pull with the 170 spring.

-Laylax PSS2 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head
Improved air seal for more consistency, fps, and accuracy. Will probably Teflon tape as well.

-Laylax PSS10 Trigger Sear
To support the most powerful spring upgrade.

-Laylax PSS10 Guide Stopper
" ... "

-Laylax PSS10 Piston Sear
" ... "

-Laylax PSS2 Piston Head Cup
To go with the piston.

-Laylax PSS2 Aluminum Piston (its purple don't know if that's important?)
Improve air seal, and better durability with stronger spring.

-Laylax PSS2 Spring Guide
" ... "

-Laylax PSS2 170 Spring
More power (fps), I plan to use .3 g and want to be able to hit consistently at ~75yds+

All suggestions, comments, and corrections are welcome. I made a lot of assumptions while writing this if i made a mistake please correct me. Also if a mod things this is in the wrong section please move the post wasn't sure where to put it considering this gun is technically a VSR-10 clone but uses APS-2 parts.

Thank You - Madhatta

*edited to update list*
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PSS2 and PSS10 parts are not interchangeable. PSS2 parts are made specifically for APS/M24, and in some cases an L96 too. Whereas PSS10 parts are strictly for VSR10. Also, pass of the H-hop, they are complete crap.
Just stick with a standard nub, anything else is gonna cause problems, wear out quick, or shoot like crap. Trust me on that. Also, if you're getting the PSS2 Purple 3-element piston, you need a piston cup (head) for it.

If I were you, I'd stick to a gun that uses one or the other for upgrade parts.
Yes it does need a piston cup. It's just a piston head for a bolt action piston, since that particular one doesn't have an integrated/vacuum head on it. You're better off getting that and a cup than one with a vacuum head on it, though.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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