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AGM MP001 Upgrade - Advice?

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Hi all, I recently bought a AGM MP001 (it was cheap and was said to be a good beginner rifle). These are my plans to upgrade the rifle (in this order) was wondering if any of you more experienced players had any advice on better parts, advice in general on the upgrades, or see a conflict(i.e a part that won't hold up). I want to be able to upgrade and not worry about replacing things or stuff breaking.

Quick note to those who don't own this rifle. I have done a lot of research and this rifle takes VSR-10 Trigger upgrades(sears, stopper, etc) but takes APS-2 Cylinder upgrades(cylinder, head, etc). It can't use V or Zero Trigger Systems sadly :(.

-Laylax PSS10 Barrel Spacers
I will be buying a longer tightbore and have read that extra spacers help lower vibration and increase consistency.

-MadBull Ver. 2 Precision Barrel 6.03 TB 499mm
I'll be ordering the AK version and drilling/sanding it to match to stock barrels slots for the hop-up unit. Using a silencer to hide the extra length. I went with the long barrel cause it should increase accuracy. Also read up a lot about air cushion and 6.03-6.04 is better for consistency and accuracy so that is why its not a 6.01.

-Firefly Hard Bucking
" ... "

-Laylax PSS2 Teflon Cylinder
Durability and easier bolt pull with the 170 spring.

-Laylax PSS2 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head
Improved air seal for more consistency, fps, and accuracy. Will probably Teflon tape as well.

-Laylax PSS10 Trigger Sear
To support the most powerful spring upgrade.

-Laylax PSS10 Guide Stopper
" ... "

-Laylax PSS10 Piston Sear
" ... "

-Laylax PSS2 Piston Head Cup
To go with the piston.

-Laylax PSS2 Aluminum Piston (its purple don't know if that's important?)
Improve air seal, and better durability with stronger spring.

-Laylax PSS2 Spring Guide
" ... "

-Laylax PSS2 170 Spring
More power (fps), I plan to use .3 g and want to be able to hit consistently at ~75yds+

All suggestions, comments, and corrections are welcome. I made a lot of assumptions while writing this if i made a mistake please correct me. Also if a mod things this is in the wrong section please move the post wasn't sure where to put it considering this gun is technically a VSR-10 clone but uses APS-2 parts.

Thank You - Madhatta

*edited to update list*
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PSS10 is the VSR-10, PSS2 is APS-2. Normally you would be 100% correct. However, the AGM MP001 is really goofy.

Quick note to those who don't own this rifle. I have done a lot of research and this rifle takes VSR-10 Trigger upgrades(sears, stopper, etc) but takes APS-2 Cylinder upgrades(cylinder, head, etc).
I have at least two sources that say this, one of which it a review by CrimsonFalcon. I would link them but the forum i found them on in having problems :(.
He claims to have done "research" does that mean fitting and testing it or what? They my work but you will probably have to do a lot of grinding to make it fit. Would be easier to just get the parts that are made for the rifle.
I have not personally tested it, but a lot of other people with the same rifle have said it is a match (without modification). If i do end up upgrading this rifle then I will post my personal results.

@vindi : Good to know, thank you. The only reason I went so high was because on AirsoftGI all the Madbull barrels are $35 USD regardless of length, so I just picked the longest. Also what would be better for accuracy a 499mm or a 455mm? Both are Madbull V2 6.03. I would like to stick with this rifle. I kind of like the "hybrid" part of the gun, plus it'll let me mod stuff, and get to know the rifle better, so I plan on keeping it ^^.

Also for those who wanted to know how to I got the information here.

*edited to add link*
Thanks, also I been reading the most people use FireFly or Nineball buckings. I choose firefly cause that's what I have used in my AEG and have had good results however, I recently read that FireFly gives more range but Nineball gives better consistency, was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny this. One another note I have not seen many posts or talk about nubs (spacers, whatever you want to call them) I am pretty sure the MP001 comes will a crappy U one. Was wondering if there is a "better" shape (I've heard of U, V, H thus far) and what company has the best rep. for snipers(have seen some talk about "Big Out"?)
the piston is Laylax PSS2 Aluminum Piston Type 96 for APSII

Not sure if needs a piston cup, if it does can you please explain more about what exactly a piston cup/head is? Thanks
Ok, so I found this..

I am assuming this is what you were talking about.

Thanks for all the advice, really learning a lot
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Sounds good, I think I might go and try and find a Nineball, however thus far AirsoftGI and PowerEdge don't sell them :(, AirsoftAtlanta does but doesn't say if its hard or soft.
Do you know of any other good buckings other than Firefly and Nineball, because I am ordering though AirsoftGI and PowerEdge, and I don't want to have to pay shipping to a third company
. Also, How much inconsistency are we talking about with the Firefly, because I view accuracy > range for the most part.
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