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Here is my progress now guys. Just need to fill in some gaps and smooth it all out. Then PAINT.

The rear of the suppressor is made of Urethane (yellowish part), there are two large spacers in there that grip right to the existing barrel. Filled with foam, its super quiet, and seems like it somehow shoots harder.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. You did not just randomly think of that. I suggested it online, foo. I like how it's looking right now, though. Can't wait.
post the process as you go along cant wait to see it
Embed i had those plans for a long time, just have been planning things out fully now.
Thats gonna look sweet bro!
Embed i had those plans for a long time, just have been planning things out fully now.
Ahuh... :-*
So i have here this diagram if anyone was curious.

ive got plans for everything, i made suppressors like this for pellet guns, and securing it shouldnt be a problem.

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So right now you're just going to use the tension cause by those supports to hold it in place? Have you thought about any other securing mechanisms? If not, at least it's QD :)
It will be fixed on there like that forever pretty much, becuase im going to seal it with epoxy putty or something like it. Then i will sculpt the barrel and suppressor together so they look like its welded neatly. Should look nice with a few fresh flat black coats.
Hense the SD barrel.
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Im buying that suppressor in the 245mm (9.6 inches) and a 590mm 6.01 to use with my fluted barrel. It will be shooting 110 yards easy.
Thanks guys, its quiet as hell.
range is a little less due to the short barrel, accuracy is the same though.
Whats it shooing? FPS wise, and BB weight wise.
like 520. I use .30's

Will be about 590 unsuppressed and 550 suppressed when i get my new stuff.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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