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Just got my pre-ban AICS in the mail (Seller was forward about it, I knew it had issues), played a night game and it is providing zero hopup on max settings to my .4's. It's got a Laylax 6.03, KA VSR conversion and a Nineball purple bucking. The nub kind of scared me, it was a small, rectangular piece of metal with fairly sharp corners. Looks like a sure fire way to ruin a bucking.

The bucking had some gunk in it, but I do not believe this was the cause as the mound was still clean.

I plan on picking up a new bucking, any ideas? I was thinking a PDI VSR10 W-hold. I had great results with one in my old BAR10. What about a nub? The one in it looks evil.

Could anyone venture a guess as to why it's not hopping? Only thing I can think of is the post on the adjustment screw not pushing on the nub.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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