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Air leak between cylinder head nozzle and bucking

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Hi guys, I'm new to this awesome forum and have been having problems with my tsd sd700 vsr-10 imitation (same gun as well mb03). The gun shot well until recently the bb's started dropping at around 100 ft. I am 99% sure that there is an air leak because the cylinder head nozzle doesn't seem to be going far enough into the bucking, as the hop up seems to be working fine and compression on all other parts seem normal. The gun also makes a different sound when firing, as the piston seems to be smacking against the cylinder head faster, but the bb's aren't going as far. I put some .2's in the gun, and they were flying up, so I know the hop up is working fine. I also super-glued an O-ring around my cylinder head nozzle in order to fix the leak, which actually kind of worked for a few shots, but the O-ring slid out of place as expected. I recently bought a stock bar10 bucking +chamber in attempt to fix this problem, and as soon as I installed it, the gun shot perfectly for a few shots, although the bolt was harder to push forward and seemed to get stuck on something, then later had the air leak problem again, although the bolt became easier to pull forward. Does anyone here know how to make the cylinder head nozzle go further into the bucking, or to seal the leak where the cylinder head nozzle meets the bucking? Any help will be appreciated.
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Said this on the other site, that the piston head or o-ring might be out of place in the cylinder unit. My piston head snagged the side of the cylinder unit, and caused the cylinder head to not go into the bucking as far as usual.
The piston/piston O-ring is in there fine I think... Dang, how many forums are you on?

EDIT: I switched again to my new JG bucking + chamber after switching back to the old one, and the gun shot perfectly for a few shots, and didn't make the "smack" noise caused by the piston hitting the cylinder head too hard, although the bolt was harder to push forward again, like it got stuck on something... As soon as I thought the problem was fixed, the gun started to lose fps again, and it started to sound like the piston was smacking the cylinder head too hard again :( What does this mean? It seems that every time I install my JG chamber + bucking, the gun shoots fine for a few shots then reverts to the problem... Also I noticed that after those few shots, my bolt was no longer going all the way forward, as this would mean the cylinder head nozzle also wouldn't be going fully in the hop up bucking as well.
Alright, I just found out that the piston O-ring was causing the problem. As soon as I took it out, the cylinder slid forward fine and the cylinder head nozzle fully went into the bucking. I'll get a new piston O-ring ASAP.
FIXED!!!! A new #13 O-ring did the job :)
AWWWW NOOOOO!!!! Bolt isn't going forward again. Only doesn't go all the way forward when cocked, and this time it's not the piston O-ring because I removed it, and the bolt still has a little bit left to go.
"Deburr???" I have the exact same problem as this guy:

Exact. Same. Problem. Too bad there are no replies to his thread :(
MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! I removed the screw that held the trigger box to the cylinder holder/scope mount thingy and THE BOLT WAS ABLE TO GO ALL THE WAY FORWARD WHILE COCKED!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXD!!!!!! The only problem now is that you have to push on the bolt while firing the bb to get the bolt to stay in the forward position, as the bolt is facing some resistance, and doesn't want to stay completely forward, not to mention the only thing holding the trigger box to the cylinder is the spring guide catch.
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