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Aire seal time

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Air seal time

Hi!, how long should last the air seal when you test it? What do you consider is a good seal time?, sometimes my rifle, when i test the air seal, it last 1 or 2 minutes, what about your rifles?
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My cylinder seal is at 100%, I can hold my finger over the nozzle as long as I want and it will still have a full cylinder of air when I release it.

I shoot to be able to hold my finger over the inner barrel, count to ten, and if there is still air left it’s good. I have never been able to get a 100% seal at the bucking (using AA chamber and old ML diamond style bucking), my FPS variation over 5 shots is 5fps with BLS .40g bbs and I get about a 12fps spread with cheaper .20g elite force bbs.

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Thanks for the reply!, so, one min of air seal is good enough to haven't worries about?
Yep, but you should get a crono so you can check fps deviation

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