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Batteries, there type, voltage and Mah, care and use.

Replica type and mechanism, springer, gas or AEG, What are the advantages disadvantages or a LPEG vs a higher quality replica? Include the difference between low cap, mid cap and high cap.

Upgrades should be mentioned but this should be marginalized to newer players. It is expense and worry that they do not need until they are in the hobby and know what and why they "want a upgrade" fps does not equal greater range, at least not in the way a new player thinks it will. What is a hop up.

Safety, Include what to do in a emergency, the importance of ALWAYS wearing eye protection, even if it fogs up, and how to judge on what is appropriate eye protection. Staying hydrated, signs and symptoms of heat related emergencies.

Velocity limits and what is fps, and energy in joules, how does it relate to the game.

Local laws and correct use, transport and storage of replicas.

Radio etiquette and the evils of VOC.

Game rules including engagement distances.

Red rag, scenario specific rules.

Tactics and game types can be mentioned but really that is better done as a practice drill and then a couple of games.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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