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Hello. In the past, I have programmed for one Airsoft team a DOMINATOR with wireless editing that enabled the RFID reader (NFC) and compatible cards / keyboards. This device can be widely use for sports like Airsoft, Paintball, Nerf Wars, etc.

Principle of functionality:
The game uses 4 different types of users. Team 1, Team 2, Organizer, Eraser.
At the start of the game, two times are displayed for both teams. Starting at 00h 00min 00s.

After the keystroke or card is attached, buzzer will make sound for a change and that begins to add his team time. This is counted until the card is received by one of the other team members. (Each member of the team has a key / card).

Time can also stop a time-consuming organization. If the card attaches the eraser, it clears the time, the counting stops, it starts from the beginning (it is used if the game is badly started).

The system uses keychains, cards and a reader at 13.56MHz, Arduino Nano as a microcontroller, a 20x4 LCD display, a buzzer, LEDs that signal the current time-counting team.

I was wondering if he had such a prospect in the world and thinking about his production. Any comments, suggestions? What do you think about system? I can sell you software today! E-mail: [email protected]

My website:
Video about DOMINATOR (testing phase - funcionality):
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