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Airsoft endeavors take 2

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Hello everybody, new to the forum but not the sport. Played from 2011-2015 then realized my gear was a lot of money that wasn't getting used so i left the sport to fund other endeavors. Now a few years post-college i've decided to try this again. My biggest frustrations back then was how gearboxes just didnt hold up and needed semi-regular repair but i didnt have the cash to do hpa at the time. Well boys and girls this time its different, jumping back in with a Classic army MSG90 packing a polarstar kythera fed from a co2 system inside the stock. Got all the parts on the way and assembly begins soon. As far as play style i enjoy a more thought out mil-sim game using a lot of 3-4 man squads for the cooperative gameplay dynamics and i personally prefer to run a minimalist chest rig because i dont need real plates and i dont really need to carry much more than 2-3 extra mags for the rifle and a mag for the secondary. within the small squads i've always enjoyed the DMR roll such was the inspiration for my build, but i also thoroughly enjoyed just laying waste with my buddy's m60 so maybe i'll snag one of them soon. who knows? the secondary is currently a bit in the air, i have an old KWA KP45T that i had back in the day but it needs some replacement parts that i cant really track down yet. If i can find parts for it, i'd be ecstatic and if not i'll go buy one of the current fully licensed KWA's.

if theres anything i missed, any questions, or suggestions let me know.
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KWA is usually not the most difficult to find parts for but I'm not 100% sure how the situation is stateside. I used to run an MSG90 based on a TM G3SG1 (and a lot of work) so it will be interesting to see your creation when it arrives - welcome!
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