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Airsoft Gi 6.03 barrel

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Hi guys,

I dont do airsoft anymore but I just got back my bar10 from I friend I sold it to awhile back.

Anyway I'd like to get a barrel on the cheap. (no way im spending $100 on a barrel)

If anyone has had the ASGI barrel (6.03mm) I'd appreciate your opinions. I want to know if its worth it or keep the stock barrel. Looking for more accuracy and range

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I could be wring but i think the laylax/prommy barrels are around that price. If I am wrong, the best best budget barrel I can think of is the madbull V2 like Andrew said. If you really want to save money thoug, you can just polish the inside of your stock barrel with brasso and use the same procedure as in the how to polish your barrel guide, minus the wax. That's what I did with my stock barrel. I have an EDGI barrel but it's a bull barrel so I can't bend it if I want to LRB it, which is why I polished my stock barrel.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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