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Want to see yourself here....

or see your team featured in an interview of the upcoming Airsoft Handbook?

Well send your entry to [email protected]
All pictures will need to be original files no crops or reduced sizes.

For the team interview send your answers to these questions along with 6-10 pictures of your team in action and a team photo. Also if you have a team logo please send the highest resolution file you have along too.

The more detailed your answers the better...
- Tell Us about your team's location and philosophy.
- When, Where, How did your team get started
- How many active members do you have at this time
- Are you currently looking for new Members
- What are your requirements and load out for members
- Do you have a rank structure
- What Kind of action does your team like Mil-sim or Skirmish
- Do you have a main base of operation
- Do you travel if so how often and where
- Tell us about the last big event you attended
- Do you host events and if so what types
- Do you hold regular practices
- What kinds of things do you practice
- Do you hold training sessions for others in your area
- Does your team prefer outdoor or close quarters play
- Does your team have any future plans
- Any Final words of wisdom
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