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Airsoft is in Danger!

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Hello all,

This mainly has an effect on those of us that might be in California... for now. California bill SB1315 has passed our state assembly and is on the governors desk. The governor has 9 days left to sign the bill into law. If signed into law SB1315 will allow the county of Los Angeles to regulate the manufacture, sale, import and posession of "imitaiton firearms" as defined by: (1) The device is so substantially similar in coloration and overall appearance to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to perceive that the device is a firearm. (2) The device expels a projectile that is no more than 16 millimeters in diameter.

Here are some links:
The text as it sits in Sacramento:

The CA Assembly record:ón

The KWA Stance:

Local News:

Although this may not affect those of you outside of the LA area right now (I am not in the LA area) it will, especially for those of you in the US in general. If LA is allowed to stop airsoft this will effect all of us. Here is a short list of some of the LA based airsoft companies you may recognize:

Echo1/Socom Gear
JAG Precision Importers
Airsoft GI

Not to mention the players, small businesses and events (i.e. Operation Lion Claw) that are all based out of the LA area. This bill has the potential to not only destroy airsoft in California, but to destory our entire sport and could be the biggest turn since the demise of classic airsoft.

So if you are on the west coast, please take the time to write or call, or both!
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What these people fail to understand is all of the tax money that they receive from the sale of airsoft weapons. They sign this into law they will loose a fair amount of income that they need.
The trouble with people who call themselves "lawmakers" is that they have an irresistible urge to regulate everything! I just knew I should have taken down the American flag when I left California! Good luck gents!
Jute, keep away. I do not want any California on me.

Anyway, I have an idea that the death to airsoft domino theory is far fetched. Even if California banned it totally, they can not stop the product coming through and being warehoused for the lawful sale in another state. They have been slapped down federal courts for that more than once in the past. Also, I suspect the rest of the US may buy more than California. Could the distributors not relocate to Oregon or Washington?

Might make for a lousy season, but would just end up in a lose of money for California.

But, I have to wonder if treating them as replica firearms is even healthy for the sport. Other airguns are not and should not be treated as toys. Ours can be just as dangerous. Why are they not classified as sport equipment (really cool sport equipment), or even as airguns, and covered under the protections of bearing arms?
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Libelle, good points. I will keep my distance despite the fact, I have been California (and US) free for approximately 5 years now. I have had all my shots, and was quarantined at the Canadian border for 6 weeks, before returning to live in Canada. I must say, Canadian Customs Service has the best kibble ever! It's even better than the MREs, if that is even possible! LOL
The thing that gets me about having all those guns painted is you could paint any real steel gun the same and it could be completely mistaken for a "toy" as they call our guns. (keep in mind there just after the money that comes of the replica gun industry as woogie said)
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