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Jute, keep away. I do not want any California on me.

Anyway, I have an idea that the death to airsoft domino theory is far fetched. Even if California banned it totally, they can not stop the product coming through and being warehoused for the lawful sale in another state. They have been slapped down federal courts for that more than once in the past. Also, I suspect the rest of the US may buy more than California. Could the distributors not relocate to Oregon or Washington?

Might make for a lousy season, but would just end up in a lose of money for California.

But, I have to wonder if treating them as replica firearms is even healthy for the sport. Other airguns are not and should not be treated as toys. Ours can be just as dangerous. Why are they not classified as sport equipment (really cool sport equipment), or even as airguns, and covered under the protections of bearing arms?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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