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Airsoft related randomness sale

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For sale is a few odds and ends which I have lying around in my room. There is no point in having them collect dust as they are perfectly functioning items so here I am.

First up is a OD green Carbine length moe hand guard. I purchased this a long with another barrel only to find out later that the barrel I had purchased was mid length. Instead of buying another barrel I ended up going with a mid length hand guard so this is unused without a box.

There is no box because I use it to store my allen wrenches.

$22 OBO

Next up is a set of 1" scope rings for std rails. I don't remember the brand but they do firmly attach to all my railed objects.

$15 OBO

Then I have a "game winner 3-9x32" rifle scope fitted with weaver style scope rings. This came with my m24 when I purchased it and was immediately taken off when I received the rifle.

$30 OBO

A Firefox 11.1v 1250mAh 15C lipo with deans style plug. The battery is slightly bulged, however the cells still charge properly as indicated by the charger. The battery has only been charged at most 50 times, but I'm sure it's less. The outer casing is slightly torn however is still holding the cells together tightly.

$13 OBO

A matrix 11.1v 1200 12c lipo with tamiya plug. This battery is also slightly bulged. I have no clue the charges on this one, but I suspect no more then 20 charges because I do not have any rifles which use a tamiya plug and literally switched tamiya to deans when I started using lipos.
I will put deans plugs on this lipo if requested for $2.00.

$10 OBO

I have a Guarder bore up kit with a nozzle fit for an m4 AEG. This was purchased some time ago back when I first started upgrading AEGS, but never saw much use. There is one small scratch within the cylinder from where I had a jam and the piston was forced into the side wall. The scratch is small however and shouldn't affect the bore up kits operation much.

$30 OBO

A genuine magpul PTS mbus rear sight. This came with my g&p m4 when I first got it and is still in very good condition. Slight oxidation on the mounting screw head.

$10 OBO

NOTE: If an item is seen on this thread it is still for sale. I will be completely removing items as they are sold. This list will also get updated if I find anything else which can be sold. I also have a plethora of stock v2 gearbox parts (do not have full gear sets) if you are looking for something post up and I'll see what I have. I literally have everything to make 2+ gearboxes minus gears.
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Nothing? Everything is OBO..
ba bump! ..

This is the final bump. At the end of this week I will be retracting all sales on here and throwing everything up on ebay.
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