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Airsoft resources and stores in NYC

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Hi guys,
I'm going to be in NYC for a good 4-5 days and I am looking for "the lay of the land" as a teacher of mine used to say.

Is there any airsoft store or tactical equipment/apparel retail you would recommend? I am definitely not looking for an airsoft gun to get arrested on my way back to the airport..but you know, most of the stuff in the US is impossible to find here and I am sure I could get my hands on more toys than I have now ;)

Thanks for anything, literally any kind of suggestion you want to post ;)
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I think he was more worried with how customs handle these things rather than trying to overcome unauthorized import.

Thing is, we Italians have shitty mail services and even worse customs. It has nothing to do with legislation and's the chaos that drives us crazy. What I mean is that, if a country is strict or obsessed with something it wants to enforce, its citizens might feel hurt or limited by such act but at least they know this is how it is going to be.

We Italians have a different fear: regardless of what our country legislation says, it is the multitude of specific cases that kills us: we have no definite way of knowing how the law will be applied.. some representatives might apply it by the letter, others forget about it, others refer to laws that are no longer in effect, others use their own common sense to say what is right and wrong (and while doing this they even feel like they are helping the system to speed up things and simplify burocracy.. it's crazy).

So bottom line, chaos drives us crazy. We, as a country, lack discipline and method. Everyone feels the law is just some very wide suggestion on how to do things and it is up to you to bend it accordingly.

It's almost laughable but it kills every possible teamwork and sense of civic progress.

So, this explains probably why your friend wanted a better care for something he valued, because he did not want other variables to affect the shipping.

If you guys want me to buy stuff and ship it to you let me know..just don't ask me to bring in gun parts that make me look like a terrorist eh eh (Scopes should be fine..)
See less See more is the only airsoft store in NY that I know of.
Nice, thanks!
If you get bored and want to venture upstate hit me up, will treat you to some airsoft at my field!
Thanks, man! I really appreciate your offer, that is very kind from you. I am on a tight schedule though and I suspect, not entirely sure but still suspect, that I will not be able to move much from "touring the city"..needless to say you got me dreaming on some awesome airsoft fun.

I am planning an airsoft-only US vacation though (I am actually thinking about moving to the US permanently) who knows, in the future ;)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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