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Airsoft Sniper noob

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Hey everyone, the names Hank, but everyone just calls me lero.
Ive played airsoft for around 10 years now, started when i was 8 (do the math)
my favorite airsoft gun is the M14, i have three right now( CA, AGM, KART) a bravo RDW, and my newest addition a swiss arms M6.
Now i want to get into the whole sniper business for airsoft, but i wanted to start small, thats why i bought a 65$ bolt action gun.
Im also the Co-commander of Skeeter Airsoft located in Port St John florida.
i like to roll in multicam or my ghillie suit, im always looking for advice.
and i like to just have a good time.
oh, and im in the United States Air Force
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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