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Dear Danarnold,

As someone who owns several of the guns in the Novritsch lineup, I can absolutely recommend them, especially for beginners with your budget. I've found the Novritsch guns make you immediately competative against other guns on the field as opposed to a stock gun from other name brands. Keep in mind that I'm not saying they will make you a better player, that will come from practice and experience, but the equipment will be on par with other airsofters who spend time and money upgrading their gear.

But being able to hit a long distance target is only one part of sniping. Make sure you balance your other equipment with your gun. Stealth will come into play, especially if you are playing in a wooded area. Good camo and a ghillie will be your best defense. I like the KMCS ghillie suit.

I saw some suggestions for other weapons in the other replies. I would recommend you stay away from the Silverback SRS. It is an excellent gun, but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners. The Novritsch guns are ready to go right out of the box so you can spend your time playing. With the Silverback, you will spend a lot of time dialing it in because of the offset hopups. Also, some thing they don't really tell you with the Silverback is that the spring tension is reversed. You might not think that matters at first, but in the field, when you are hunkered down and set up to start picking off enemies, it most certainly makes a difference.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


The 7th Seal
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