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Only get an ssg10 secondhand. You can get a good setup used for about 350 usd sometimes. It’s a great gun, just not worth full price in my opinion. Why pay full price when people sell them in new condition for like 75% or less?

The SRS awesome. No disrespect, but the fellow who just ran it down is speaking from outdated information. Just needs a fast hop, some spare buckings, a novritsch suppressor, and some .48s.
Weight the piston with solder, and you should see 2j without a spring swap. 2j is plenty, I’ve found. Novritsch m170 works very well in the srs, btw.
It’ll be a bit expensive, but that setup will last forever, and it will be extremely accurate, not to mention quieter than a dead mouse. The is zero wobble anywhere on the srs, which translates to consistency.

Edit: Tac41 would be a bit cheaper, cause you won’t need a fast hop, but extra buckings are a good idea.
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