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Hello everyone, I want to get into airsoft sniping, and probably as every beginner, I did some research on YouTube and Google.
I’ve seen a couple of reviews on Novritsch's own branded SSG10 / 24 / 96 and most of them are very positive.
I want to know if that’s just paid promotion as he is a personality or if it’s for real.
Otherwise can you please suggest to me some different manufacturers for a good SR?
Looking for something up to 400+- Euros (420 USD) just for the gun (excluding scopes and accessories).
Also If the budget allows I am looking for something with modern looks.
P.S: I am well aware of the fact that I won't hit too many targets in the beginning but I am willing to put in the hours to make a full understanding of the airsoft sniping.
Thanks for your time! 🤓
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