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Airsoft strategies section? (reposted)

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Tell me if you agree with me.
But do you think there should be a section dedicated only for airsoft strategies like maybe a strategy for taking a fort, or even basic squad set ups ranging from basic strategies and tips to intermediate and advanced strategies.
would you agree on a sub board for say urban environment strategies and woodland operations to help keep it all organized?

I have been looking for strategies on the Internet but a majority of them that i have come across have to do with a SPECIFIC playing field.
There can be even a sub section for woodland terrain or urban terrain for example
I originally had this posted in the sniper skills/techniques section
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Mayko25, you present a very good topic here. Although SOPs are more of a users preference, and not so much a set rule. If you've ever heard the impression "There is over a million ways to skin a cat" then you know what I'm getting at here. All that creating that section would do is create an arguement over who's technique is better, and really, it's all about the one that works for you. If you have questions about a specific area, or want guidence on how you would go about performing a task. I reccomend you make an individual thread for this and describe the situation and everything as best as possible.
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