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Airsoft zeroing in troubles

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Alright so im new into the sniper world. First things shooting an echo 1 m28 with .25 bbs, a nc star 3-9x40 scope. Many people have said to zero in at 50 meters or 200ft, but hat seems to be impossible for me. my shoots are not even consistant at 50 ft. so please can anyone tell me how to accomplish the task?
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First things first, please make an intro post. Secondly, using .25 bbs is most likely the problem. It is not the scope, its the rifle. The light bbs cause inconsistency as they curve all over the place. If your shots are not consistent than how in the world are you expecting to zero the rifle in?? ???

Change to some heavier weight bbs, adjust the hop up, and you will see much better results. Then go ahead and zero in your rifle.
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