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AirsoftGI Custom L96

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I have been looking at this gun and wanted your opinion on what they have done with it and if it is worth it for their "upgrades" the video did play it up though and it is what im looking for in my new rifle, thanks for your time! Scourge
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The trigger and barrel will eventually have to be replaced, and if you decide to go PDI, your pretty much stuck with PDI all the way through.
Thanks for your opinions, inthetallgrass would you tll me why you wouldnt? Thanks
Generally by u"upgraded" they mean sh**ty matrix parts which are minimally better than stock parts besides being metal. I would just but a base gun and buy the upgrades myself.
inthetallgrass said:
Generally by u"upgraded" they mean sh**ty matrix parts which are minimally better than stock parts besides being metal. I would just but a base gun and buy the upgrades myself.
+1 to the 10000 power. I have a 5 pages of REASONS you SHOULDN'T buy this gun on my laptop! ASGI puts pot metal parts in it, just get your own parts, like PDI etc.
Yeah and usually there allowances for the guides etc. are too big so you get pistons that are too small etc. and have no proper compression. Their sear is only a sear then too. No metal trigger BOX. +1 to you too for 5 pages of reasons to not buy a gun. lol.
Thanks a lot, sounds like i almost made a bad mistake, its appreciated
To everyone. Matrix parts are actually not that bad. But I am going to get raged on it so besides that. I going to say ASGI doesn`t stock Matrix gear Evike does. Yes I have issues. Scourge why don`t you try a Stock L96 and upgrade it once something dies. I know someone posted it somewhere maybe grass. They said Trigger box die New trigger box. Piston somehow blows up. Get a piston. Cough Polarstar. Or PDI or Laylax.
The only things I am willing to buy that are "Matrix" re-brands, and the tac. gear, everything else is more or less crap for the price of gold
Get Angel custom upgrade kit and their piston head then you are good.
Ugggh nelson, Angel custom is just another crappy re-brand of matrix stuff. And by matrix we mean anything that is made in china by a no name company or one which isn't very prestigeous. Thenare bad. The only kit I would buy is the Utg one maybe. For just the spring guide and use the piston for a little while until you can afford a pdi, laylax or maybe polarstar one. With the proper trigger of course.
nelsonho396 said:
Get Angel custom upgrade kit and their piston head then you are good.
I'm going to have to follow you around with a stick man. I'm telling you, Angel Custom parts are Matrix, which means chinease, quick, terrible tolerance parts. Just because you bought them and shoot really high FPS which all china parts do, doesn't make them good for your rifle. Laylax is EXPENSIVE for a reason.
Ok fine hit me all you want I am just saying angel custom is actually a ok budget build company. I am just saying there not the best. But for a cheap upgrade why not it is only 60 dollars. If uses the AC M150 spring which in my mind is not bad. But if you really hate AC then just get the UTG upgrade kit. That thing is pure Chinese parts and has a scary spring.
If you want to do somewhat budget build.
PS Piston ~$60
PS Spring guide ~$30
PS Sears if you want. ~$40 if you want I wouldn`t get.
30 dollar full metal trigger box. Read
So 120 for a good interals. Then you have to get a spring you like.
Pick and choose I would pick no more than a m170. M150 would be best.
To everyone that trigger box is actually good and for 30 dollars a pop why not. No more trigger box cracking and it has a little bit strong sears than the UTG but thats not confirmed that was told to me. Oh yes the trigger is metal.
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Why do we have to keep telling people this......

Buy quality parts the first time and you don't have to worry about anything!

I have well over $1K into my TM L96, but I also know that those parts are going to hold up to the test of time. And there is nothing in my rifle that I am going to have to replace due to them breaking. The only time I may need to replace something is if I want to change something out with something else.

You can spend $50 on aluminum sears, or you can spend $150 on a set of quality CNC steel sears. What part is going to last longer in a high FPS rifle? Well that is a no brainer, the steel will by a long shot. But you can use the aluminum for a time, and then need to replace them. And while you are waiting for parts, you can't use the rifle....... while my steel sears are working great and I can be out playing.

Yes it may be spendy at first, but you pay for quality. And you get what you pay for. So don't skimp out on something that you don't want to get. Go for the good stuff and spend your time out on the field playing, not back at your house working on a broken rifle.
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Can someone actually prove that Angel parts are bad? I don't doubt them, but they look more rebranded Laylax to me, or atleast the piston.
We pay for qaulity, as Woogie stated. They would be much higher marked up. I did some researching, and my friend even bought some of the parts. They're not Laylax or PDI quality, and his spring lost 40 FPS, and i'm not kidding either. The compression was poor, and the tolerances were pathetic. He bought two springs, and one was longer than the other, and they were the SAME spring power.

Metallica, in your opinion, do you think a 20 dollar piston will match a 45 dollar piston? No way, they're priced up differently for a reason! :)
No I don't, but I know a few people who have been using them with no problems what-so-ever, could just be the batch, but yes, I'm the believer of buy once, replace once a lifetime.
And for that, especially with high-wear and tension parts, you really do need PDI or Laylax.
I agree with everything but the 30 dollar trigger is an exception in my book. It is actually surprisingly good for 30 dollars. And it's all I'll need cause I am shooting at one joule and up the rifle to beyond that rarely.
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