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Ak dmr?

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Hey guys,
Currently I have a CYMA AK-74 (the tac version) and I want to make it into a DMR.
For an upgrade list this is what I have/purchasing soon.
Matrix M125 spring
Madbull M16 length tbb (6.03?)
Polarstar H-shaped bucking
Im chronoing right around 380 with 0.20's, and shooting accurately at 40 yards with 0.25's
I want to be hitting a paper plate at 60 yards with 0.30's. Any suggestions on what else to do to it?
Also, do the AEG SVD mags work in AK's?
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I've got a Guarder sp140 in mine and I chrono at 455 with a .20. The mag 100 rd bake lite mags feed the best. I have 6 of the beta mags, fed well in my cybergun tactical AK47, but not so much in the Cyma for some reason. Thinking about doing another build with an SBR AK105 platform. Good luck with yours, i have a few pics of mine in a thread in the gallery section.

This is mine. I use .28-.30's and I have an sp140. Maybe a sp150 or m160. Acog's will sit really high. Depending on how much you wanna spend I would suggest a POSP 2-6x with a weaver mount.
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Honestly I wouldn't get a real sword AK. Standard aeg mags wont fit without modifications. I don't know what needs to be modifies, but i have a buddy who has one. Yes. It's nice and all. Very heavy in comparison because they use decommissioned ak receivers. I'd go with a Cyma because they are inexpensive and are very well made.

The real sword SVD, now that's a different story.
I'm not familiar with those brands. I know they are out there, but I have a Cyma and i think I will stay with them until I get a chance to hold a VFC.
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