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Ak dmr?

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Hey guys,
Currently I have a CYMA AK-74 (the tac version) and I want to make it into a DMR.
For an upgrade list this is what I have/purchasing soon.
Matrix M125 spring
Madbull M16 length tbb (6.03?)
Polarstar H-shaped bucking
Im chronoing right around 380 with 0.20's, and shooting accurately at 40 yards with 0.25's
I want to be hitting a paper plate at 60 yards with 0.30's. Any suggestions on what else to do to it?
Also, do the AEG SVD mags work in AK's?
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The only Svd mags that will fit into an Ak is the jg svd cause its not an svd. They made an ak with an svd stock and long svd style handguard. I think instead of an H bucking,get an R hop! . But the very first thing I would change is the bucking and inner barrel.. I LOVE Cyma Ak's! They have great out of box range and accuracy! Get the short ak mags like the jg svd uses "cause its a Dmr" there has been a whole lot of chatter about tightbore inner barrels NOT being as good as a wide bore inner barrel.. I was recently in a friendly arguement with someone about that, to me a tbb seems like it would be better,but some people are showing better results with 6.28's! I think that sounds insane and not possible but I am no scientist nor do I have the cash to explore that test any,lol.. I would read as much as you can today about R hops and widebore inner barrels.. and tomorrow do the same lol.. I totally like your Ak dmr idea buddy, thats the type of stuff I get into. How long you have your Cyma ak for? I love love mine!
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