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Ak dmr?

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Hey guys,
Currently I have a CYMA AK-74 (the tac version) and I want to make it into a DMR.
For an upgrade list this is what I have/purchasing soon.
Matrix M125 spring
Madbull M16 length tbb (6.03?)
Polarstar H-shaped bucking
Im chronoing right around 380 with 0.20's, and shooting accurately at 40 yards with 0.25's
I want to be hitting a paper plate at 60 yards with 0.30's. Any suggestions on what else to do to it?
Also, do the AEG SVD mags work in AK's?
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I may put a bigger spring in it in the future, what spring should I put in if it want to shoot 0.36's? Ranger, I've had it for a few months one. One of those rare craigslist buys that turn into a good mine. Guy had it since christmas and put maybe 100 rounds through it then sold it for $100. Im pretty excited about this:) any suggestions on a paintjob? (;

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Overall this is what Im going for aesthetically
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I love my cyma but if I get a new Ak it's the Dboys 74 u(;
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