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So I've got a decent CYMA AK-47 that's relatively unused insofar (just a couple games and a bit of plinking, no more than 5,000 rounds fired) and I'm looking to upgrade it to the likes of a long range DMR/mid-range sniper rifle.

More specifically, It's the "380 FPS CYMA Full Metal Gearbox AK47 CAW AEG"

And I want to make modifications to increase accuracy, range, and then some more accuracy and range. Which includes reducing drop and increasing consistency.

I'm not interested at all in increasing FPS, fire rate, or the like, unless it directly improves (and not sacrifices) range or accuracy, unless of course one of the other upgrades happens to improve FPS or something.

Anybody have suggestions on how best I can build my badass AK-sniper? :D
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