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ALC Steel Desert Eagle Kit or full gun

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Hi everyone,

as this is a very international forum, I thought I'd give it a try to post this :)

I'm looking for an ALC Steel Desert Eagle Kit (for WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle GBBs) in silver - the usual price for these is over 2.000 USD in "regular" shops, at there are ads for only around 1.350€ per kit.

Maybe someone has one of these kits for sale used, or maybe as a complete, already converted GBB.
I also might consider buying one of those kits on, if someone here can act as a middlesman in Taiwan :)

Kit or complete would have to be shipped to Europe (either Austria or Germany).

Appreciate any help, just contact me here or via personal message.

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All ALC Desert Eagle kits you want have been sold out , even you said on Taiwan Ruten , the stocks are not updated.

Now ALC just release new version kits of DE .

You may contact me if you are interested .


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