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Aloha...from Virginia

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Welcome to the forum. We have a wealth of ghillie knowledge in the concealment section about different construction methods, styles, etc. You may even be able to add some ghillie info.
Welcome to the site man.

What are you looking at going in the service for?
Those mortar runners do a hell of a lot of work. I wish you the best of luck because that program is brutal. Running on the beach with 75 lbs of weight on your back is no joke... Lol. Either way, welcome to the forums.
Be sure to check out the sticky's and of course your experiences with crafting ghillie suits is both welcome and will be appreciated!
Welcome to the forum.
I was mortarman when I was in the army, it's fun!!

Welcome to asf. Goddamn it. I wish I could become a Scout Sniper.
Welcome to the boards!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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