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Alright, I have to post my shotgun xD

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Well... I guess I have no other choice but to call this shotgun done for now. Started out as the short pistol grip Maruzen M1100 Defender 2, had some massive surgery inside and out, and now is a kick ass M1014 that can easily sling 9BB's as fast as the trigger can be pulled out to some one at 100 ft with ease.

If anyone is interested in having this done to their Spring M1014 or gas M1100, PM me and we will talk about pricing.

Here is a video of the test firing



Little random thing about the shell extractor mod, because it is larger and actually grabs the shells lip instead of just barely touching them, they shells actually fly out a good 5-6ft instead of just dropping at your feet. You can take that as a positive or negative, up to you.
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Cost will be around the 750$ range to build one.

I only own 3 shells, but the tube should hold 7 or 8 +1 in the chamber, FPS is a little complicated to answer. First off, it's run on regulated Co2, and second is that the shells can be loaded with 1 to 9 BB's, so FPS can't be a definite answer.

I did find out today that a shell loaded with 3 .30g BB's along with 6 .20g BB's on top devastate in a CQB room though
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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