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amazing rifle ghillie idea.

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I stumbled upon the thread about buying a pss3000 by leon something, and I read that he was inspired by vavann. I went to youtube, and looked him up. That man is a beast. While looking through his videos I saw a guide for the ghillie on his rifle, and what I saw was ridiculously amazing. Take a look. I don't know if it's been posted already. But I think anyone who runs a ghillie should watch this.

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Vavann is amazing. Have you seen his in-game footage? So well edited and such fun to watch!

This is definitely a great tutorial and it means you can just simply slide off the barrel ghillie which is useful.
I've seen them all, this guy is badass.
cool idea on the pvc pipe as a quick attach / detach piece of a ghillie gun wrap :)
Rather than new thread, thought I would post here.

Just finished working on one of these wraps with PVC pipe. Took a good bit of time due to the fact that the pipe was too small for barrel and had to sand it for three hours.

Ill post some pics once she dries. Still have the scope to work on though.
Update on gun! Vanvann is so crafty, love his method for rifle ghillie.

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I thought his idea was pretty good too; looks good!
I thought Id mention ripperkon, he is the one I watch for all of my ghillie questions. This is brilliant though, i'll defienteley be trying it as a rifle wrap is difficult without the m4 front sight post
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