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Ambush-Bushette from France

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Hello everybody i'm Kevin, my callsign is Ambush but nowaday all of my friends call me Bushette. I live in France near from Paris at Enghien-les-Bains, on the north of Paris (about 10 km)
Before i am starting my presentation I just want to apologize about my english which is not good as I want. I hope my english teatcher does not see that

I am a student. I am learning management and accounting. This is my last year of study before, I hope, enter like non-commissioned officer in the air army or in the army .
I'm 21 years old.
I really love reading political, historical and documentary books

I started Airsoft nearly 2 years ago. Nowaday, I'm in a non-profit organization (association) the Tactical Black Cats created 1 year ago

About my stuff :

Airsoft gun :
- m14 Socom Tokyo Marui : I never upgrade it and I think I will never do an upgrade
- mp7a1 Tokyo Marui : The same as my m14
- vsr10 Tokyo Marui : I upgrade it to 440 fps because in France an airsoft gun which shoot more than 464 fps is considered like a real weapon and so we have to justify the possesion of this "gun"

Camo :
- I use A-Tac's camo 'cause my association and I playing 75% of our time in CQB
- I have a dpm camo but I stop to use it a long time ago

I'm an urban sniper and I do not really love the outdoor gaming

A short video when I play with my team :

Some photos of me :

For the next photo I'm the guy on the middle

I find your forum by the sniperland forum (french forum)

Nice to meet you
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Welcome to the forum.
I've made an account at sniperland a few days ago!!
I was invited by Groquik!!

I've made an account at sniperland a few days ago!!
I saw it and that is how I found your forum

I was invited by Groquik!!
I saw it too, you scarded a lot of people cause you had an account when you present yourself. Normally an account is activeded after doing a presentation
What can I say I have connections...:tup:

What can I say I have connections...:tup:
I see, I see ... Now is my turn ;)
Thank you Admin :)

I already like, because of the short L96 I see here and I hope to see the same in hello kity style :)

EDIT : Thanks to JR with his L96 :)
Oh you haven't seen anything yet ;)
Though the mods some guys from France do is out of this world!

Welcome aboard! Glad to have you with us. More pics of the VSR 10! You can never have enough pics of one of those... ;)

Again welcome!
@Wolf : I hope I see all of that strange thing fastly :)
@Fuzzy : Thank you :) For my VSR10 I wait to take the bi-pod I bought next week and I will do some pics, I promiss :)
Hey man welcome...

I have been trolling over on sniperland here for the past day or so... and I must say you guys are balls out with your builds! I really like the L96 turned into a Sako TRG. As well as the few members that are fiber glassing their rifles and what not.

Some very nice builds going on over there, and I may have to steal some of the ideas as well.
They even make their own trigger group!!!
That forum is super... I've been watch it for some years but never joined. French isn't my strong point!

Too bad there are not many french that join English/US forums!

What would happen if I join.... could I type in english and would it be translated?
Is there not an online translator you could put your text into and convert it to french then copy and paste to the forum post, I know you can just google translate to read stuff but would it work for writing posts?
You can talk in english on sniperland forum if you want, a lot of member talk and understand english ;)
Sweet I may just have to do that.... As many of you guys have some mad skills over there!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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