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Hello everybody i'm Kevin, my callsign is Ambush but nowaday all of my friends call me Bushette. I live in France near from Paris at Enghien-les-Bains, on the north of Paris (about 10 km)
Before i am starting my presentation I just want to apologize about my english which is not good as I want. I hope my english teatcher does not see that

I am a student. I am learning management and accounting. This is my last year of study before, I hope, enter like non-commissioned officer in the air army or in the army .
I'm 21 years old.
I really love reading political, historical and documentary books

I started Airsoft nearly 2 years ago. Nowaday, I'm in a non-profit organization (association) the Tactical Black Cats created 1 year ago

About my stuff :

Airsoft gun :
- m14 Socom Tokyo Marui : I never upgrade it and I think I will never do an upgrade
- mp7a1 Tokyo Marui : The same as my m14
- vsr10 Tokyo Marui : I upgrade it to 440 fps because in France an airsoft gun which shoot more than 464 fps is considered like a real weapon and so we have to justify the possesion of this "gun"

Camo :
- I use A-Tac's camo 'cause my association and I playing 75% of our time in CQB
- I have a dpm camo but I stop to use it a long time ago

I'm an urban sniper and I do not really love the outdoor gaming

A short video when I play with my team :

Some photos of me :

For the next photo I'm the guy on the middle

I find your forum by the sniperland forum (french forum)

Nice to meet you
1 - 10 of 25 Posts
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