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Ok guys,

I know there is always those people that will ask this question a lot. Not just on this forum, but all over the net. And it is one of the things that really ticks me off. So I figured I would compile as much info as I can get about some different ammo that I personally have used.

I am going to be getting a chrony from my buddy, and will run all the ammo over it to get the standard fps from each brand, and weight. I am planning on using the PWD Mr30 for the power plant for them all. So that will remove one of the factors from the test.

I plan on starting with a few different brands of .2's and go up from there. I have $100 worth of bbs coming here in a few days, and will shoot a few of each over the chorny and see what happens. Because I know there is always a variable between different ammo in the same weight.

I will be measuring the outside diameter, the weight, outside coating ( if any, and if can be washed off ) FPS difference between washed and unwashed, exterior looks, and crush test.

This wont be a test for the accuracy for each one, as each bb will be a little bit different in each rifle.

So check up every so often and I will add more info as I compile it together.
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Will see how much it takes to crush them with a vise grip. ;) Measure how many turns of the adjustment knob it will take to crush them.
hey Woogie I posted a ton of Ammo Data that I have gathered of the years in an older post... Feel free to use, borrow, Steal any of it to help this thread out.
As a engineer major you will need 20+ shots/ BB's of each kind to get a accurate measurement. If you need help with all the math and stuff, I would be glad to help, and/or steal it for a project at school

Also Whats the internals for the PDW so you can have a what the fps should be, then you can see what the differences of the bbs are. Like I said im an engineer major so if you need any help feel free to pm me.

Cant wait to see what the results are.
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PLEASE DO Javelin .36g BB's. I use them and I can't firgured out anything about them LOL
I have a load of bb's coming from AEX, so I will test those and the many I have here at my house as well.

I am getting a chrony here on Tuesday, as well as getting a digital scale to measure the weights.

I am going to use "x" brand for the base fps of the PWD, and then go from there. I do know that it has a trimmed down 210% spring inside of her. So the fps is going to be up there ;) but nothing to unheard of.

Looking though my ammo I have .20, .23, .25, .27, .28, .30, .36, .38, .40, .43, and .46. I think those are all the correct weights for them all. But like I said, I will be weighing them all as well.
Where'd you get the .46's? And Soldierofvalor told me it was shooting around 620FPS with .2's
I always take the fps as a joke. I will only believe it once I test it myself, and can prove it is at such an FPS.
Well I have the chrony, and ran some plain jane .2's over her and she is shooting a very VERY consistant 600 fps.

So a little bit high, but nothing that can't be fixed.

More testing will happen tomorrow or thursday.
I'm still intrested in this. This is your new rifle, correct?
That is correct.

Will grab a scale from work tomorrow, and get some weights on the ammo I have.
Looking for ward for those results.... and I'd love to see the accuracy of your baby!

I have a question for all you experts. What is the best quality .3's out there to use in a high quality gun ;). Every brand says the same thing," The best bb's out on the market!!" and I really don't want to put a crappy BB into my new gun
Truth is, a large portion of the BB manufacturers I have boughten from are hit or miss (Goldenball, KSC, Bioval, TSD, etc.)

The best, would probably be Maruzen Super Grand Masters. they only come in .29 thought......and cost about $15 for 500.
Mgunner said:
Truth is, a large portion of the BB manufacturers I have boughten from are hit or miss (Goldenball, KSC, Bioval, TSD, etc.)

The best, would probably be Maruzen Super Grand Masters. they only come in .29 thought......and cost about $15 for 500.
Most of the heavy weights being the same color as the MadBull series bbs doesn't help either. It's hard to tell what your actually getting sometimes.

What I'm curious about is the Bioval .40g. They're the same tan color of the MadBull, but I wouldn't think that Bioval would re-brand them like what it seems everybody else is doing. I could be wrong about the re-branding, but it just seems like something that these companies would do.
I have all of the items...... will be doing the testing here this weekend!
My wife is compiling all of the numbers right now....
And instead of pulling out my PWD, I used my shotty....... and dang that thing is really consistent.

Averages...... 10 shots were put across the pro chrony.

P-Force .20g's - 372.67 fps
Airsoft Elite .20g's - 371.4 fps
GoldenBall .23g's - 355.7 fps
Green .25g's - 346.03 fps (unknown brand, have had for a while now)
Bioval .27g's - ????? Chrono wasn't able to see them ;)
Javelin .28 g's - 324.779 fps
javelin .30 g's - 317.83 fps
Bioval .40 g's - 275.35 fps
Madbull .40 g's - 272.23 fps
Javelin .43 g's - 270.06 fps

Will get the scale here in a day or two, and will pull some weights out of the lot of ammo.

The reason why some of the same weight ammo is the same color, is due to the materials that are used to make the bbs that density. And due to the minimal amount of materials that are currently used, they are the same color. But I have read reports that say they are in fact different ammo.

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I have not been following this thread much, but am very interested in these results. Will you be doing more tests with the same weight bb, but a different brand to show the differences in the fps outputs? That is, will you have a list with say around 4-5 brands of .2g bbs, so we can see how all the different brands compare? I saw you had a couple per weight bb, but if possible, would like to see some more comparisons for each "weight class".

Nice work so far, very interesting stuff. ;)
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