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Mgunner said:
Truth is, a large portion of the BB manufacturers I have boughten from are hit or miss (Goldenball, KSC, Bioval, TSD, etc.)

The best, would probably be Maruzen Super Grand Masters. they only come in .29 thought......and cost about $15 for 500.
Most of the heavy weights being the same color as the MadBull series bbs doesn't help either. It's hard to tell what your actually getting sometimes.

What I'm curious about is the Bioval .40g. They're the same tan color of the MadBull, but I wouldn't think that Bioval would re-brand them like what it seems everybody else is doing. I could be wrong about the re-branding, but it just seems like something that these companies would do.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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