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An update from Cromag

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I just thought I would let you guys know whats going on with me. At the last game I was at I managed to fracture my ankle pretty good (I have 2 pins and a screw in it now) while running my M240b.

So I have pretty much I have decided to build a CA M24 while I am recovering and use that when I get back on the field, so I will most likely be on here quite a bit more than I have been.

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Dude that blows. Sorry man. How long you out for? How'd you fracture it? Glad to have you back though.
I'm out of airsoft for another 6-ish months it will be about another month or two before a can walk on it.

I fractured it while charging a bunker with some guys from my team, saw a guy lean out to shoot while I was in full sprint, so instinct told me to get down, so I tried to hit my knees in a full blown sprint and my ankle caught in a small divot in the ground and folded. Now I will be getting an ankle brace for sure.

Come to think on it a sniper or DM would have been handy to have hang back and pick of any one who leaned out while we charged.

Sniper may be better suited for that ankle as well. Less running, more crawling.
You could always get a power wheel chair and make a ghillie blanket for it. Or just roll as a tank.
Lol woogie. I thought about getting a power wheelchair and making a pintle for the M240 but the doc said no for some reason.
Anyway I figure I will have loads of time to get a rifle setup and dialed in.

I am thinking I will order my M24 this Monday when we put in our Spartan Imports order (My dad and I run a store), then save up for the upgrades by doing tech work.

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LOL ... Well actually you can ;) I work for a local hospital here in my area and that is all I work with is custom wheel chairs and what not ;)

Should have a ton of time to tune your rifle. Any word on the prospect of walking normally again?
I'm starting on my new ghillie now. I feel so excited.
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