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Another 96 needing to be identified

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I need some assistance identifying yet another 96 rifle. I got better pics this time and I noticed it’s not one that has the bb feed system thank god


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I bought 2 AGM MP001s for $30 a piece in the Boneyard section on Evike and they had that same stuff of shitty barrel.
The magazines were VSR style but not VSR compatible, and the rest of the gun save for maybe the trigger wasn't compatible with anything out there.
They were worth it for the pot metal in them, the outer barrels, and the stocks, but I would have absolutely returned them had I paid more than $30 a piece as they're such bad quality and pretty much useless. They both fired, but I couldn't hit a 5 gallon bucket consistently at 30m no matter what.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts