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Another dmr thread

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Alrighty folks, base platform is an Classic army ars3-12 M4
Internals im working with
9mm Bearings
21:1 Ratio gears
"bore up kit"(pre installed idk what this means really)
looks like GB is pre raduised from factory

i replaced the stock barrel with an 407mm 6.03 madbull
i replaced the hop unit with the classic army blue rotary one they put in the nemesis line.
also flat hopped it with the stock bucking (gng green coming in soon)
stock gun is sitting about 400ish fps

i get overspin on semi/full auto with 11.1 but perfect with 7.4, both 20c

main questions is:
do i need a bigger barrel for the bore up kit? i used .3 .32s or higher
should i mess with r-hop if my field dmr limits are 450
need a motor recommendation, thinking shs high torque or jg blue.
Gears, shs 18:1 or should i leave the stocks ones in

overall goal with the build is
semi performace(dont use full auto much)
trigger response(because while i dont use full auto alot i do spam semi in controlled bursts)
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Firstly, edit your post and keep the bad language for other forums. A lot of kids read this forum and so it should be kept up to a high standard.
My bad, used to talking in a discord were the language is a bit more colorful post has been edited.

as for the barrel, I might look into a madbull steelbull/python at about that length then(my local store also carrys modify ceramic barrels anyone know anything about them?) i do like using that mid weight bb type (.3 .32) as there pretty good with accuracy without taking forever to get there. never even thought of using a shorter barrel though lol.
Most people do not think about a short barrel because longer barrels still work but I think you are better off with the correct length than an oversized one.
my currently inner is sticking halfway in my foam filled suppressor so it will be nice to change it out anyway.

Actually starting to look at the ZCI HT motor(being a neo) and 16:1 shs set, if i go with a bigger spring i hear classic army spur gears are kinda iffy.

as for the said bigger spring, i keep seeing that i should get a longer spring and cut it down im unsure if that means get an sr-25 style or vsr-10 or if they just mean longer aeg springs. with my field limit being 450 i need to cut something around an systema m150 down to m140 levels.
Honestly? You pretty much are doing it bang on. What's performance like on it now? Effective range, accuracy, etc?
consistently hitting 150-175 with the stock bucking flathopped and .32s
can hit 200 if i really need to but not effective range. fps is pretty consistant +/- 2 to 4 right around that 398 mark right now. i have high hopes for the gng green as people swear they are magical for flat hop(along with promy purples)
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@specter yeah lol, figured I'd ask between the two lol as more information is always helpful, figure between the two and independent research I'll be set
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