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Hey, i stumbled across this forum recently and thought I might as well join the community. My name is Nikolai, I don't really have an IRL field call sign, so I guess it's just pinoyjpan, I've been airsofting for about 2 and a half years, i am currently shooting the new love-of-my-life my A&k SVD which I've had for about a year now, and I've also got a galaxy mp5k to my disposal for the cqb/fast paced games, I made my own ghillie Suit as I felt most snipers do and should do, my ghillie is usually set up with just tan jute and white strips scince I mostly shoot in the winter. I like long walks under the moon by the beach- just kidding- I play Xbox, computer, volunteer at hospitals scince I'm trained in CPR and first aid, but most of the time I'm just hanging out with friends. I reside in south eastern Wisconsin, shooting in the winter here makes me feel like an artist, (it's that feeling I get when the bitter cold seeps down your spine while your ego is warmed by the satisfaction of that kill you just waited in the snow for an hour for)
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