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another intro post

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hello to all, this is my first post on this forum meaning its my intro! I am hunterfood though usually im referred to on the field as callsign Tombsniper (my sidearm is a set of akimbo hk usp 45s in drop legs) I am not new to airsoft sniping and in fact its all I like to do in airsoft, I've been creeping fields for about 3 years now. I've tried support gunning as well as speedsoft and regular infantry AEG gunning, but my most fun moments have been under stealth relaying lots of tasty info and sniping commanders and radio ops. Now before I mention my rifle ill say that yes I've poured lots of money into it....there aren't any stock internals in it and lots and lots of mods.....and so I present my rifle....a snow wolf M99. with all the tech ive put on my rifle of course ive made my own ghillie suit, unlike others i don't like to have my legs covered with my suit so i just have my head rag and my jacket. of course sniping isn't all i do. i also enjoy playing tuba and bass trombone as well as flying down hills on a longboard.


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Welcome to the forum.
Lovely Barrett M99!! Love the paintjob!

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