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another jg bar 10 thread=]

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so i just ordered the bar 10 as my project gun as well as these upgrades:
action army zero trigger+piston(135)
laylax m170 spring-(22)
asgi spring guide (12)
nineball bucking (20)
King arms .4 tan bbs(22)

i plan on shimming the hop up arm, doing the tdc mod and making a few barrel spacers as well as foaming the stock and other various parts of the gun to reduce vibration. Im also going to wash the bbs as well as the bucking and barrel.

my question is what do you think my effective range will be?

i know some of you are going to suggest get a new barrel but ive read multiple times that people say the stock barrel shoots more accurate compared to a 6.01 past 100-150 feet. my goal is to be able to hit 250+ shot at a torso and would love to get that magic 300 ft shot.

complete side note but i ordered a pack of 3 r hops and a easy kit and im going to do it to my mp5 first but i might just wing it and try to do it to the bar 10 first.

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People are about to come along and ignore the question and tell you to post an introduction thread - in the introductions forum. Its a rule on this forum.


Sounds like you're doing all the right things. I imagine you are aiming for more than 500 fps with the m170?

Can't actually answer your question but with all that stuff - from what I read the r hop should help a fair bit if you install it right - you should be well on the way to 250 feet, if not more. But its a case of tuning - it won't just all get installed and magically work, unless you're really lucky. :)

Oh and one final thing - I don't know if you already know but sometimes the AA trigger needs a little bit of modification to fit correctly. In my case filing down the spring guide stopper a little bit. :)
thanks man sorry i didnt know
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