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Another new DMR that will most definitely not arrive in our country, E&C 417

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E&C has so far been doing good by planning on releasing multiple V2.5 AEGs. Hopefully they do release it with full cylinders on multiple distributors.
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It sounds suspiciously similar to the S&T 417 I had, which was also V2.5 compatible. Here's hoping that it's built better. Between the wood screws securing the motor plate to the grip, the irritating mag release that would rotate out of position when pressed, the awful front-end flex, and the M4-spec buffer tube (so not 1:1 scale), the S&T 417 was a real mess.
Now there are some fields that require a full length barrel (~20”) , even for 7.62mm x51/54mm platforms for DMR allowed platforms, so make sure that its kosher.
That's an interesting rule. I wrote up the DMR rules for Ballahack, and I went for a 16" minimum barrel length requirement. I recall doing that to open up more replica options so the DMR class would be more frequently utilized, but I can't recall what specific replicas I had in mind. I wonder why the fields in question went for 20" instead.

Totally understand doing the caliber restriction, though. It's easy for the chrono marshal to figure out what makes a qualified DMR based on mag type.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts