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Another new DMR that will most definitely not arrive in our country, E&C 417

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E&C has so far been doing good by planning on releasing multiple V2.5 AEGs. Hopefully they do release it with full cylinders on multiple distributors.
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A&K SR25 seems to be pretty good while being cheaper than cyma nowadays. I just couldn't remember whether it has a full cylinder or not.
Porting has its own advantage, even more so in an overvolumed system, in which a short barreled V2.5 experienced. But indeed it's weird to port on a full length V2.5
Not exactly sure what advantage that you are talking about, I know of some though.
Please clarify your point.
I can't say much lest I gave wrong information since that topic is still beyond my understanding. But the basic is that since the compression area lays a few while after the piston moves, it gave the piston faster speed before it starts compressing air for real, giving us higher pressure spike. It supposedly helps us gain range in limited power build.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts