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Another new DMR that will most definitely not arrive in our country, E&C 417

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E&C has so far been doing good by planning on releasing multiple V2.5 AEGs. Hopefully they do release it with full cylinders on multiple distributors.
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That setup in the photo looks like it would end up being ported, that about a 15” barrel. All the other V2.5 manufacturers use full cylinders on the 20” barrels and ported with the shorter barrels
I want a great v2.5 with full cylinder ootb and I went so low as to wishing novritsch would release one

Cyma e-edition was full Cylinder ootb but idk if the dealers made that themselves
The A&K, CYMA, and Classic Army SR25/M110’s come with a full cylinder if the replica is equipped with a 20” outer barrel and ~500mm inner barrel.

The A&K is lower priced model but it doesn’t have a QuickChange Spring Guide system in it, and the internals aren't all that hot. The CYMA’s mosfets seem to have a problem with 11.1v’s and can go bad, seems people are using PerunHybrids if they fry, but the rest of the internals are pretty good. The Classic Army SASS has, hands down, the best mosfet/trigger unit, it has a bore up setup (in addition to being a V2.5), the motor is a bit weak, and a 24mm nozzle is needed to replace the 23mm if using any other hopup bucking than the factory one (ask me how I know).

I usually recommend the CYMA because its more available than the Classic Army (pretty sure the SASS models are unicorns these days). If CYMA would up the game on the mosfet and microswitch, it would be a total knockout.
I prefer carbine length DMR of cyma but is currently out of stock.
That's an interesting rule. I wrote up the DMR rules for Ballahack, and I went for a 16" minimum barrel length requirement. I recall doing that to open up more replica options so the DMR class would be more frequently utilized, but I can't recall what specific replicas I had in mind. I wonder why the fields in question went for 20" instead.

Totally understand doing the caliber restriction, though. It's easy for the chrono marshal to figure out what makes a qualified DMR based on mag type.

bUt mY sSx303 is DmR!

Nah I don't have one but I have a 300 mm asg mk23 and 220 mm TM
I can't say much lest I gave wrong information since that topic is still beyond my understanding. But the basic is that since the compression area lays a few while after the piston moves, it gave the piston faster speed before it starts compressing air for real, giving us higher pressure spike. It supposedly helps us gain range in limited power build.
Partly true if you are using lighter bbs with short barrel and a weak spring.
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