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Another new DMR that will most definitely not arrive in our country, E&C 417

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E&C has so far been doing good by planning on releasing multiple V2.5 AEGs. Hopefully they do release it with full cylinders on multiple distributors.
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The Classic Army SASS has, hands down, the best mosfet/trigger unit, it has a bore up setup (in addition to being a V2.5), the motor is a bit weak, and a 24mm nozzle is needed to replace the 23mm if using any other hopup bucking than the factory one (ask me how I know).
Curious that it has a bore up cyllinder stock, I have been debating the classic army versus the Cyma for a while now for a DMR build. I just know with the cyma I have to replace the mosfet and that the cyma V2.5 gearbox shell is more properitary.
Well, I just worked on my pal’s full-length CYMA SR25, and I was (unpleasantly) surprised to find out that it was equipped with a ported cylinder (kind of self-defeating) , so apparently the only models that now have full V2.5 cylinders are Classic Army’s M110 SASS, and A&K full-length SR25.
So weird to port the cylinder on a V2.5, I am curious about the E&C V2.5s. If those are any good might go for those, since they seem to be more traditional v2.5.
Porting has its own advantage, even more so in an overvolumed system, in which a short barreled V2.5 experienced. But indeed it's weird to port on a full length V2.5
Unless you have a carbine 417 you barely have the issue of over voluming on v2.5 equiped replicas. They often have a minimal barrel lenght of 400 mm.
Most 15-16” outer barrel SR25/M110 replicas are using ~363mm inner barrels.
From taiwans site this version of the HK417 has a 270 mm inner barrel. So yeh will be overvolumed. For 16 inch barrels I would expect around 400mm inner barrels like the cyma and the classic army have.
A&K and Classic Army have pretty much always used less than a 400mm inner barrel on its CA25 carbines…..

Interesting the ones that get sold here are 410 mm inner barrel according to gunfire M110-13 Keymod Assault Rifle Replica - DE
1 - 5 of 26 Posts