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Another Well MB05

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Yes, I know this has already been adressed, but only slightly. The thread I found basically said that the UTG L96 was a better buy than a well MB05 and didn't go into to great detail. So I was wondering if anybody could possibly tell me a few things I should know about the gun or if there are any upgrades available, things of that nature.​
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I'm a little uncertain as to where the question was in there. Arguing with yourself isn't the best way to ask for help

Power doesn't matter as much as you'd think, but if you're going to do power upgrades on an L96 be prepared to sink another $400 into the gun for a new trigger system and cylinder set to hold up to the spring. I'd suggest getting a promo tightbore, firefly bucking, and pdi hop up. You should be set for accuracy then.
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