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Another Well MB05

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Yes, I know this has already been adressed, but only slightly. The thread I found basically said that the UTG L96 was a better buy than a well MB05 and didn't go into to great detail. So I was wondering if anybody could possibly tell me a few things I should know about the gun or if there are any upgrades available, things of that nature.​
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From what I have heard the Well MB05 has not so good internals, and in my opinion should not be upgraded.

The UTG L96 is a great starter gun if you plan on doing no upgrades whatsoever. Yes it is possible to upgrade this gun, but its not a 100% clone. It has a tightbore barrel already and shoots around 460 FPS with .20's out of the box. So this lets you decide if you like sniping or not with a gun that can get you close to where the upgraded guns shoot.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford a TM, CA, etc. and want to upgrade your gun to shoot like a beaut then I would go for the JG-BAR10 (G-Spec if you so chose).

This gun is 100% compatible with TM VSR-10 upgrades.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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