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Any LT-M40A3 owners out there guys?

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Sup guys, newbie from PH here looking for other LT-M40a3 to get some advice on parts. I'm really struggling to find what parts are compatible with my sniper. I do want to upgrade most of my internals with stuff like stainless triggerbox, zero resist stuff too.
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Remembered from somewhere that some parts are VSR compatible. You might ask your acquaintance if they have a VSR and try their trigger first. Or if you're willing to take risk, buy a budget but good one such as action army. If it happens to be not compatible, it is pretty easy to sell again at the very least.
Hi, I've actually bought a VSR compatible spring guide before and I ended up returning it, then i bought some cheap no-name China made VSR compatible cylinder set and it worked somehow, even improved my FPS and accuracy LOL. Waiting for my Chrono to arrive to see how much fps it has now but stock it shoots 460fps average.

I saw some really good stuff from Evike like the Angel Custom Triggerbox and damn it looks good, I emailed them regarding compatibility and hope to hear from them soon.
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I would stay away from Angel Custom if other options are available. They are a hit or miss, I much prefer one by AirsoftPro for something that's cheaper than other competitors.

If Evike responded that it is compatible, you are much better get a TTI Airsoft trigger, they are arguably the best VSR trigger as of now for around the same price as that Angel Custom trigger set.
That trigger is alright, I had one for a bit, but I'd recommend that you get something else like an SCW, Bulltrigger, TTI, Sodium, or whatever other high end trigger. It's priced like a high end trigger, but much of the important parts are made of MIM steel and have the consistency of a hard cheese, and will wear out sooner than others. The thing that killed the trigger for me was that it came used and was using a normal spring guide stopper as it was missing the original one, and I was never able to make one that worked well enough, and I was never able to get a spare. As much as triggers are marketed to be indestructible, their spring guide stoppers and springs should be considered as consumables as that's what they are, and if you can't get replacements of those then you're fucked like I was. Luckily it came in a TM G-spec with 2 Angel Custom cylinders, Angel Custom cylinder head, piston, spring guide, and a bunch of springs for a good price, but I'd be pretty mad if I paid full price for the thing and couldn't get parts.
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