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Anyone have this happen to them before?

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I lost a ton of range the other weekend. I went to clean everything. And this is what I found.

PSS10 190 spring. Sorry for the cell picture.


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Don't think I have ever heard of the spring breaking!
The only time I had that happen was with a converted AEG. Hope it didn't damage anything else.
lmao that has never happened to me. I recommend you use a lighter spring lol.
The same for me, it's never happened

+1 like whisper : use a lighter spring
Sadly I have had it happen to me on a bolty, in my CA m24 to be exact.

IIRC it was all shooting fine then suddenly after firing off a shot the bolt pull got a little slack and not as stiff when I cocked it, I then fired it and the bb acted as if it had been made of lead, cocked it again then the snapped section of spring got jammed between the piston and cylinder side scratching the crap out of it, luckily after the O ring reached its maximum travel.

I put it down to old age and metal fatigue :shrug:
Yeah I had no damage lucky. I think the cold might have something to do with it tho. Already put a lighter spring in it. Going to try and get some testing done with the lighter spring tomorrow. I don't think I will be getting a 190 again.
Damn...I thought I had seen it all.
HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Was the spring like made in china using plastic?
Yeah, this seems impossible, I have a m150, and I had to use metal saw to cut it.
I know seems impossible. The spring had to have some kind of factory defeat to break in two different spots. They were clean breaks too, no rust on the spring at all.
Chances are the one happened an age ago, you just never noticed, then there was no option but to notice when the second one happened
Did you have a spring guide with a barring?
Yeah you're probably right about breaking at different times. The spring isn't that old tho, maybe 2 months. And yes the spring guide has bearings. All the internals are Laylax.
I have had a spring break, but it was too long and so the constant fatigue wore it down. It was also in backwards (variable pitch). Anyway, now I cut all my springs just one or two coils so that that doesn't happen.
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