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I haven't ordered, but I'm planning to.
With black .40g BBs, for ¢.689 a piece if I buy 56 bags after shipping, which is cheaper than anywhere else. Comparatively, BLS is ¢1.62 a piece, and everybody else is between ¢1.6 and ¢2 a piece, which is pretty high.
Whenever I gather up $500 to do a huge order including some other stuff I should definitely be more effective with my M4, and save a shit ton of money in the long run as well.

I'd say that with their popularity they seem perfectly fine, and their prices seem to make ordering well worth it, if you order enough to make up for the $40 shipping.

As for the sniper, Negative Airsoft did a video a while ago saying that the gun sucks, and it's being pushed by people (idk who, I haven't seen anything) and you're supposed to spend hundreds on a TNT kit to have a lame sniper. To me this seems like an opportunity to sell parts, so I'd probably just get rid of the thing and get the PPS one if you insist on that style.
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