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Anyone purchase from Taiwangun ?

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Hello, I'm new to this group and new to airsoft. Question: has anyone purchased the S&T kar98k18RW from Taiwangun?
If so, how did you like the one you got? How did you like the company?
I received one 2 days ago and I must have to admit it wasn't as awesome looking as their video.
The box was cheaply packaged.
It had holes here and there.
The mag cover is really loose.
And is the bolt suppose to lock when the safety lever is in safe?
The wood looks great, but the finish looks worn. Not black and shiny.
It has an overall used appearance.
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I think I might have made a mistake ordering from taiwangun.
Comments anyone?
Thanks for any constructive criticism.
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Yes I have..ordered 10 of the new emg cyma mp5s and all but 2 had wiring issue's
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